No. 8 Memo

FROM: The Division of Human Engineering

It’s been a very tumultuous time here at Extension 765! Mr/Dr Soderbergh keeps threatening to shut the website down because no one seems to be showing up. I agree with Olestra that the thing to do is keep these SEM Analytics reports away from Mr/Dr Soderbergh’s email. They indicate how much traffic there is on the site and who’s buying what (or not), and I think Mr/Dr Soderbergh takes them very personally. It’s clear he thinks success in one area of endeavor will lead to success in another, so I think this whole website thing has been a bucket of cold water in the shorts for him. Maybe if he spent more time creating content for it or advertised or something it would help, but then again I’m not sure; maybe he’s just kind of a niche inside of a niche and all the people that are going to appreciate it already have. Olestra thinks the company is lacking a “creation myth”, a sort of sexy, fascinating backstory full of personal betrayals and late-night idea sessions. I guess she has a point. Not much excitement to be had about a guy who grew up in a suburban subdivision in Baton Rouge. I would find the whole situation an interesting philosophical dilemma if my job weren’t at stake!
But enough about me. This blast is to announce the arrival of some more detritus for the Salon de Refuses. The first is a list of things Mr/Dr Soderbergh saw or read in 2009. I’m not really sure what the purpose of posting such a thing is, but it’s not my job to wonder—it’s my job to keep you informed! The second is an essay Mr/Dr Soderbergh composed about his favorite Bond film. Hopefully the picture attached won’t result in a lawsuit, but then again we could use the publicity.
There’s some very interesting news on the GLUE front that is too secret to discuss, but what I can tell you is that it will change the publishing business as we know it forever, and perhaps beyond. That’s my way of saying you should snap up those hardcovers because they might become collectors items in about two hundred years.
Happy New Year!

Fabrizia del Dongo 

Co-President, Dept. of Impact Attenuation