No. 6 Memo

At first I was really annoyed that instead of providing a paid vacation during August, Mr/Dr Soderbergh fired us all and then rehired us after Labor Day. But the time off did give me some time to think about how to turn the leaky boat that is Extension 765 around and back on a course to sustainability, if not actual sanity.

We’ve shut down the AUCTION section because we sold all the available memorabilia (thank you!). For the moment, we are moving anything left over from those sections into the SWAG department, which to date has been about as active as Morrisey’s sex life. Fabrizia del Dongo and I are also trying to convince Mr/Dr Soderbergh to update the website design and functionality, but he seems distracted by the ten-hour TV show he’s directing in the middle of his retirement. He did insist, however, on the creation of a new section called SALON DE REFUSES (which I think is French for “room of garbage”), where he will post items on a weekly basis he feels the world needs to be exposed to. Let history record that I do what I am told and I have no idea what kind of “merde” will be on display.

We have moved the update option to a more prominent position in the hopes that more people will get Fabrizia’s email blasts. I think she’s bummed that more people aren’t signing up and that the half her missives go unread, but she’s way too classy to ever say anything.