No. 5 Memo

Okay, I didn’t think things could get any crazier, but listen to this: My boss basically just didn’t show up for work at all this week, and then I got a call today to go see Mr. Soderbergh in his office (I didn’t even know he had an office here), so I go upstairs and his assistant takes me right in and he asks me to take a seat and there’s like three lawyer-type people he introduces me to and I forget their names immediately and he asks me to describe my working relationship with Mr. Miggins. I kind of don’t know what to say, and Mr. Soderbergh smiles and says that they know about the supply closet incident. And I say, oh, okay, who told you about that? And he said Mr. Miggins described the whole thing in his written resignation. And I said oh, and then Mr. Soderbergh asked how I would feel about TAKING MR. MIGGINS JOB. And I looked at the lawyers and then I looked at Mr. Soderbergh and I couldn’t think of what to say and he said they all knew I was capable of doing Mr. Miggins job since I’ve basically been doing it for him for three years and they knew I was the one that told him to have more t-shirts on hand so we wouldn’t have the out-of-stock debacle we’re having now and they figured the thing that made the most sense was for me to be promoted to his position. My head was buzzing and I said it sounded like a great opportunity but it was such a surprise I needed to think about it and Mr. Soderbergh said to take my time, that they weren’t speaking to anyone else until they heard from me. Holy shit!

Office Lady No. 23