No. 4 Memo

So every Friday we have Margarita Friday, and yesterday my boss suggested I make the margaritas with this booze we're selling/promoting, called Singali. No, Singani. Singani 63. So I make the margaritas and we each have a couple and the next thing I know I'm like completely lit and we're in the supply closet making out and I'm thinking this is so wrong on so many levels, I mean, first of all, he's my boss, second, he totally hit-and-run somebody and never confessed, and third, he's some kind of cross-dresser or something but he seems pretty hetero at the moment, and almost like he can read my mind he suddenly pulls away and apologizes. Then he says things have been kind of crazy lately and that I should wait a couple of minutes before leaving the supply closet. Then he leaves. Then, right as I'm putting my skirt back on, Jason from shipping comes in looking for red twine or some shit. We both say hi and nothing else, it's like totally awkward, and when I get back to my desk my boss has already gone home and my phone buzzes and he's sent me a text that says: YOU'RE AMAZING. I'm thinking I should really apply for that assistant manager job at Club Monaco.

Office Lady No. 23