No. 3 Memo

During lunch (fifteen whole minutes!) I was reading this article about how the universe is like 13 billion years old or something and I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I mean, that's like watching THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and THE HOBBIT like four times in a row! Anyway, right when I got back to my desk, my boss came up to me with this weird, sweaty look on his face and said he had to "run an errand". Then he left. I thought, okay, something's up. So I followed him. He went downtown to this women's shop Zara, and he's walking around the racks and asking the salesgirls questions and stuff and then he takes two dresses AND GOES INTO THE DRESSING ROOM. I kind of inched my way over and in the part under the door I could see him taking off his shoes and pants and underwear (!) and pulling on the dress on. Then I ran back to work.

Office Lady No. 23