No. 14 Memo

FROM: The Division of Human Engineering

Good morning.
If you read these emails, you know it’s my job to bring you information about, and I have done that diligently for the last nine months. Since I have no input regarding the content on the site, I don’t always agree with its views, but I do what I was hired to do. I guess what I’m saying is I’ve always looked at myself as kind of a messenger here, between the company and you.
Also, I don’t look at most of these SDR posts until after they’re posted, because whatthey are isn’t really relevant to what I do, as I said earlier. That means it’s possible that if I wrote something about a post in an email blast or an SDR intro, it might have been fed to me by Olestra Bluray, the head of DHE, or by Mr/Dr Soderbergh himself, because I had not actually seen the post but was expected to describe it in my communication to you.
Now, Mr/Dr Soderbergh wants everyone to know this post comes from a place of “total affection, openness, and honey bought directly from a beekeeper,” and that “societal norms shift all the time and man-made laws can change with enough money.” To give you more of a sense of context for these comments, he also said, “New studies will show the positive impact of new studies.” He said the more he thought about the Cannibal Cop case the more firm he became in his conviction to fight the Third Amendment, noting it had never been the basis of a Supreme Court ruling, and then, finally, he announced that all celluloid and polaroid black-and-white film would be confiscated under the terms the Pretention Protections Act, a bill which he “authored and saved to a thumb drive this very morning”.
This was all in about thirty seconds, right after he gave me this thing to post.

Fabrizia del Dongo
Co-President, Dept. of Impact Attenuation