No. 11 Memo

FROM: The Division of Human Engineering

I always speak French around the end of the year because it makes being rude sound so cool!
Couple of new items going into the Salon de Refuses: a new SEEN/READ, a piece on AFTER HOURS, and an app that could revolutionize the way you make movies! I know that Olestra Bluray tried to make Mr/Dr Soderbergh charge money for this app, but he said artistic knowledge should be free and that he wanted to “give something back”. Since the website is hemorrhaging money like a burst water main, I can only imagine Olestra’s frustration, but I agree with Mr/Dr Soderbergh that he’s made plenty of money off the industry already. More than his share, probably. So think of his app as an early gift for the holidays!
La paix!


Fabrizia del Dongo 

Co-President, Dept. of Impact Attenuation