Intro To Swag

All right, I’m going to stop talking about the headphones because we’ve done some re-designing and the RED folks are up to their asses in alligators dealing with the Dragon sensor updates, but let’s face it: What you’ve really wanted all along was a signed hardcover copy of GLUE,

and as you can tell from projects like FULL FRONTAL and K STREET, I’m all about giving people what they want. One possible barrier to success in this case is the price; I only printed fifty copies to start, and because I wanted the really good paper, they cost about $55 each to print,

so I’m selling them at $65 to cover the fulfillment costs. It might help to think of it as a coffee table book if your coffee table is about eight inches in diameter. And if they sell, I can place a bigger order and bring the per copy price down. Stay tuned.