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Intro To Art

As everyone in the world knows, I have been painting, but I'm not sure the internet is the best place to display stuff like that, because some of them are quite big. We'll see. For now we have some photographs, of two different types. The polaroids are exposure tests from the days when we shot film (seems like a long time ago…) and all proceeds will go to charity. Full disclosure: the subjects of these polaroids have not been contacted, mostly because I'm sure they would ask to see them all before I put them on sale,

and there are hundreds of these things (we're only posting six at a time to save space) and it would be way too much hassle and why would somebody want to hold me up when I'm trying to give money to Children's Aid? Plus I think technically these may be property of the companies that made the films, but really I'm hoping because the money is going to good causes they won't come after my ass, so you might want to move quickly and not make too much noise about your purchase if you don't want to get me into trouble. The other photos

are fairly self-explanatory (or not), and were done one of two ways: scanned from a digital file to 2 1/4 inch B&W film negative, then printed on old-school photographic paper (exactly the kind of fusion of technologies we like to explore here at Extension 765), in which case the proceeds go directly into the coffers of Extension 765, which does not have a shell company in Ireland; or, shots from various film sets, which were printed from 35mm negative on old-school photographic paper, in which case the proceeds go to charity.