Intro Statement to Booze

It took seven years and 50 billion dollars to build the Olympic Village in Sochi. It took six years and several thousand dollars to get Singani 63 from Bolivia to a drinks menu in Manhattan. You do the math. Actually, I have no idea what math has to do with it--the point I’m trying to make is when you set out to do something, you never know what kind of obstacles are going to be in your way, and one thing Vladimir Putin and I do have in common--besides an adversarial relationship with the US government--is a bunch of haters who say WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? My response is that if you still feel that way after having some Singani 63, well…then you need to have some more until you don’t. We’re working on a Facebook page that will update you on all things Singani 63, but for now here’s a list of the early adopters in New York City: The Dream Hotel Downtown (all three of their venues, Bodega Negra, PHD, and the Electric Room); The McKittrick Hotel/SLEEP NO MORE; 54Below; The Brandy Library; Mulberry Project; No. 8; The Richardson; Grand Ferry; The Tippler; and Soho House. Tell them you’re a really close friend of mine when you order—it’s always fun to see someone throw their head back and laugh.